Workshops for Expectant Parents


Pregnancy for today's couples is different 

And Baby Makes 3 offers a variety of workshops and opportunities for expecting couples who want to learn more about pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood in today's busy world.  Evolving science, shifting cultural paradigms, and respect for traditional means and knowledge all offer a wide range of competing and complementary perspectives, far too many for any couple to possibly digest on their own in 9 months or less.  We've explored and engaged this complex landscape and strive to give you the essential information you need in fun and engaging ways. Ready to grow better connected as a couple and to feel more confident in yourselves and your choices as you step into the next chapter of your lives - as Mom and Dad and Baby? Then check out our current workshop offerings below!


Workshops now available are Bump To Baby for couples, Beyond The Registry for expectant Moms, and Welcome To Fatherhood for Dads-to-be.

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Bump To Baby

Bump to Baby is a fun, light-hearted, engaging workshop for pregnant couples.  The Workshop discusses tips, tricks, tools, and techniques to help couples better understand and appreciate each other's unique experience and perspective of pregnancy and the upcoming changes to their family.  Through entertaining skits, dialogues, and teasing embodiments of masculine and feminine stereotypes, couples laugh their way to a richer, more heart-felt connection and leave better prepared for parenthood - the next chapter in their journey.


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Beyond The Registry

Let's “flip the script” of the conventional postpartum story, in which shell-shocked parents try to meet baby’s needs and keep their old life running. Instead, Beyond The Registry puts the needs of the new mother and new baby at the center and builds an abundant support structure around them, so that resting, feeding, bonding, and getting used to your new life is all you have to do for a while. You can enjoy the gentle, easy, and joyful beginning that you dream of!



Welcome To Fatherhood

The transformative leap from Dude to Dad only happens once in your life. Sure, you feel confident in you and your partner's ability to figure things out as they come.  However, if you're being honest with yourself you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed about all the uncertainty in front of you too. Why not learn some simple do's and don'ts to take some of the guesswork out of the process? This engaging workshop is for guys only, and is designed to better connect you to your partner and her pregnancy, and better prepare you for the journey ahead. 



Bump To Baby - our most popular workshop

Finding out that you're pregnant is the beginning of the next chapter of adventure for you both.  Sign up now for the Bump To Baby couples workshop to get better connected and better prepared!


David and Allison walked us through some of the expected stages of our journey from "Bump to Baby" and  were able to help my husband and I get better connected on this magical ride!

— Beverly H.